Saturday, February 24, 2007

Did Blair concede Cabinet re-shuffle power to Brown?

According to a report in this morning's Telegraph, Rory Bremner has said that on the day of the 2005 General Election he rang a Cabinet minister pretending to be Gordon Brown and the minister was so convinced that he started to ramble on indiscreetly about colleague and cabinet re-shuffles. Bremner said that

"The minister in question advised the Chancellor not to bring Stephen Byers back in to the Cabinet, and generally discussed the prospects of other Cabinet ministers mentioned by name.
So the question is, who was it? Bremner is keeping schtum, but he also said he "wouldn't be surprised if it's revealed on the Internet at some stage". Ne'er a truer word spoken.

There is wider point here of course, why was this person advising the Chancellor about who he should and should not bring back into the Cabinet? Does this represent a concession of power by Blair to Brown? Might this explain why Brown has never been fired in a re-shuffle himself?

Update: The Sunday Times says they've heard the tape and it's Margaret Beckett.


barnacle_bill said...
24 Feb 2007 08:05:00  

Gordimmo has some dark secret on the poodle.
It is very strange how the cabal of the poodle, Gordimmo and the cocktail sausage, have survived.
Skull and Bones?

Trumpeter Lanfried said...
24 Feb 2007 12:50:00  

OK chaps, since we are told it's sure to surface on the internet, let us know when you have the link.

tax discredits said...
24 Feb 2007 19:00:00  

Good point Dizzy , why has Dawn Primarolo never been fired if not for Gordon?

gordon's brownies said...
25 Feb 2007 01:35:00  

It was Beckett:,,2021012,00.html?gusrc=rss&feed=11

How Rory Bremner spoofed ministers

'I was amazed by the factionalism it exposed,' Bremner told The Observer. 'She seemed pleased to be rung and was almost quite coquettish, saying at one point "I wouldn't tell this to anyone else".'

gordon's brownies said...
25 Feb 2007 01:38:00  

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