Thursday, February 15, 2007

Gerry Adams and his friend Charles Kennedy

Honestly, I swear they're buddies. I found Ming Campbell's MySpace site, and Charles Kennedy is one of his friends, and according to Charles' MySpace, Gerry Adams is his friend. Meanwhile, John McDonnell lists Gordon Brown as his friend.

To be honest though I'm not sure whether it's sadder that someone has spent the time setting all these up, or that so many people leave comments on them seemingly in the belief that they are genuine. My personal favourite is on the Ming page which says,

hey mr campbell
its a real honour 2 giv u your 1st comment
u may nt realise, but we actually ave a bit in common
fellow lib dems
both athletic
both very into politics
u- current leader
me- 6th form commitee in skewl, applyin 4 politics at uni
and hopin 2 b an mp, and mayb lib dem leader and then pm 1 day
tlk 2 me some time bout politics
I fully understand why people drop letter to do SMS on phones, but is it really necessary when you have entire keyboard in front you?


kinglear said...
15 Feb 2007 22:16:00  

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