Sunday, February 18, 2007

MoD launches own eBay... slight price problems though

It seems the Ministry of Defense has set up it's own eBay auction site. You can get everything from aircraft, to ships, to old PCs. Not sure they've got the pricing system right though.

In the laptop section they're selling a PIII 700Mhz laptop with 128MB of RAM for £345. Alternatively you could just go to the real eBay and get something which is double the processing speed, has a Gig of RAM instead and isn't five years old.

This rather optimistic over-valuation might help explain why the Government gets ripped off with IT costs so much. They clearly haven't got a clue.

Update: I've just found this greened-up military JCB for just under £14,000. I want it. I wonder of they take Paypal?


Adam said...
18 Feb 2007 15:32:00  

345 quid for that laptop is hilarious. If their valuation is based on their depreciated cost in their own internal accounting, that would imply that in general they are overestimating the value of their equipment horrendously.

IanP said...
18 Feb 2007 15:52:00  

Looks like they taking my suggestion on Friday seriously.

Anonymous said...
18 Feb 2007 16:11:00  

Do you think Guido could use one cars with run flat tyres and armoured glass that will stop a bullet.

Peter Mc said...
19 Feb 2007 14:24:00  

They do take paypal. There's also a 'kickback' button for use with certain regimes.

Chris Paul said...
20 Feb 2007 17:35:00  

This has been there for a good long time. At least months. And mostly overpriced. I was on it looking for things a few months ago.

dizzy said...
20 Feb 2007 19:23:00  

Are you saying the Government is lying then?

18/02/2007 14:00 : An online auction website, which allows the public to bid for surplus Government equipment, including Green Goddess fire-trucks, is launched today.


Chris Paul said...
20 Feb 2007 20:06:00  

Some clarification as posted on my blog:

Hi Dizzy

idea at

I was on a site which performed the exact same function as this one. Basically WD Surplus online, not quite run direct by MoD but the same stuff going through it. From small warships at £600,000 to mashed light aircraft at £40,000 to K rations and stretchers and even surplus dress uniforms and the like. And yes JCBs and computers. I will try to find the URL.

Obviously the government wouldn't lie about a "launch" - what would be their motivation? - but it is possible they've had a pre-roll or a re-badging or a proof of concept or the like.

Best w

Chris P

7:57 PM

Chris Paul said...
PS It is the very same site at your link. And the same management. The *auction* function is the news. They make no bones about it being an established site. Still lots of it on fixed prices. And there were items seeking offers and negotiable under the old order too. So it's a case of finessing what was there rather than a real innovation.

The rozzers also have an auction site with some excellent bargains particularly in the bicycle and video\photo departments.

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