Monday, February 19, 2007

We don't go North of the river mate....

If the world was turned upside down and the south of the Thames got the Tube network that the north currently has it would be a very different world indeed.

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In case anyone is wondering, what you can see servicing the north of the river in the image really is all we get down south.
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AntiCitizenOne said...
19 Feb 2007 11:39:00  

If only!

Adam said...
19 Feb 2007 12:39:00  

Is there not a difference in the rocks in at least some of the areas South of the River that makes digging tunnels more difficult?

In any case, it is clear that:

South London is a scumhole for people that can't afford to live in Islington.

What South London really needs is not underground trains, but a wall around the lot of it, topped by armed guards with their guns turned inward.

dizzy said...
19 Feb 2007 12:53:00  

That was true in the 1900s (about the ground) not true now thanks to deep tunneling.

What about Harlsden?

Adam said...
19 Feb 2007 13:28:00  

Harlesden is a vibrant place, where West Indians and BBC staff rub shoulders.

More importantly, it has three overground train lines plus the bakerloo line so, even if you don't like it, it's easy to get out. All this because North London is clearly superior to South London (and this also goes for Essex over Kent).

Ross said...
19 Feb 2007 13:52:00  

If you add the overland trains in, you get a much better picture of overall connectivity. I'm a south londoner by convenience, not choice, but have to say that overland trains win against Tube ovens anyway. Give me air conditioned Southern trains to Victoria over the Central Line any day.

dizzy said...
19 Feb 2007 13:55:00  

try living in South East London. It's rubbish.

Adam said...
19 Feb 2007 14:08:00  

The advantage of the Tube though, Ross, is that it can take you right into the heart of London.

dizzy's right about SE London transportation; I used to live in Camberwell and that was tolerable (although not great; Denmark Hill overland train station if you can ever get on the train, then plenty of buses for those happy hours spent moving at 3mph on the Walworth Road) but if you go further out, it pretty much sucks. Of course, house prices are somewhat cheaper as a result, but you pay for that with your time.

The Last Boy Scout said...
19 Feb 2007 17:03:00  

I wish it was true. It would make my work-life balance a hell of a lot better.

Sozzled said...
19 Feb 2007 17:06:00  

The people hanging out of buses (although I do find the service better than a few years ago) heading to the few south London tube stations each morning shows there aren't enough overland stations or trains.

I've been told that the shortage of tubes in the south is due to the ground but by someone else that it's becuase there were aleady lots of train lines.

I understand that the Northern line track that ends at Kennington was made ready to go further. Whether that's as made up as the reasons why there are so few tube lines in the south I do not know!

Jonathan Sheppard said...
19 Feb 2007 18:06:00  

Leave London then? Commute from Nottinghamshire.

Devil's Kitchen said...
19 Feb 2007 22:37:00  

I live in Brixton and I love the Victoria Line; it's almost always running smoothly (unless some selfish cock throws himself in front of a train as happened a couple of weeks ago) and it's pretty swift: 10 minutes from Brixton to Victoria.

Or I could go overland and wait for 83,000,000,000 minutes for a train...


Iain Dale said...
20 Feb 2007 17:18:00  

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