Saturday, August 04, 2007

Government laboratory to blame for foot and mouth outbreak?

Ooohhh... that's a right bugger politically ain't it? Wouldn't like to be in Downing Street right now whilst Brown climbs the walls screaming blue murder. Wonder who will get fired?


flashgordonnz said...
5 Aug 2007 05:24:00  

Shit a brick, etc!

Surreptitious Evil said...
5 Aug 2007 08:15:00  

A junior civil servant, if anybody? Batshit is now off pretending to be really important, Benn has the (perfectly reasonable) excuse that he's only been there for a few weeks (and everybody has been on holiday anyway ...) and nobdy else in this mob of statist tarts is significant enough to appease the, for once completely justified, media frenzy.

Just shoot the effing lot of them. I suspect there are plenty of beef and dairy farmers who would relish the opportunity to join the firing squad.

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