Tuesday, August 28, 2007

It never rains but it pours for the Republicans?

Oh dear, the Republicans across the pond are not having a pleasant few weeks. First Rove quits, then the Attorney General, and now one of their Senators, Larry Craig, has apparently pleaded guilty to lewd conduct in a mens toilet in Minnesota airport.

The US blogosphere has it seems gone crazy with linking to this story, and the viewing rate of a video from 1982 where the same senator issues a denial about a sex and drugs scandal involving Government pages (I think that means interns) is now doing the rounds too.


JohnN said...
28 Aug 2007 22:04:00  

Some how, the Republicans don't seem down and out...

You would think a man who married his cousin (now divorced) Rudy Giuliani would have no chance for President...

Guess again

The Ludingtonian said...
28 Aug 2007 22:17:00  

...a sex and drugs scandal involving Government pages

Oh, Dizzy, therein lies an old, old joke:
Q: Why don't Congressmen use bookmarks?

A: They just bend over their pages.

Jonathan Sheppard said...
28 Aug 2007 22:17:00  

I know you are into your gadgets but for a minute I thought you had written about a sex scandal with government pagers. Now I know the Iphone is meant to be pretty good - but I didn't think pagers could do that!


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