Thursday, August 09, 2007

Labour PPB for marginal elections footage leaks on to the Internet?

Whatever is going here? Take a look. We have two pages of videos titles "[Constituency Name's] Labour MP talking about Gordon Brown". Each video is professionally done, they only appear on Google and not on Labour websites or the Labour YouTube channel. They were all posted on the same date (27th July), they were all appear to have been uploaded anonymously.

They're all filmed within the buildings of Parliament (did they get permission from the Serjeant at Arms?), they're all talking about how brilliant the Government and Gordon is and how it will be good for their constituency, and, last but by no means least, they're all MPs in marginal or hyper-marginal constituency with the exception of Preston (however that has had boundary changes).

Anyone want to place a bet that this footage is going to appear in Party Political broadcasts in the run up to the next General Election, possibly nationally but definitely locally?

Watch them all here.
P.S. Yes my Google is in German. Don't ask.


Anonymous said...
9 Aug 2007 15:45:00  

"they're all MPs in marginal or hyper-marginal constituency with the exception of Preston (however that has had boundary changes)."

Boundary changes don't make Preston a marginal seat. Bridgend and Aberbeen North are seats that are not exactly marginals, but they aren't safe either (17-20% majorities)

Anonymous said...
9 Aug 2007 15:49:00  

Those videos are for Local People. Are you Local? You should not be looking at those Local videos!

Anonymous said...
9 Aug 2007 16:29:00  

It is terribly tempting to flag them all as "inappropriate".

tapestry said...
9 Aug 2007 17:30:00  

test reply

Sepoy Agent said...
9 Aug 2007 17:59:00  

Fantastic, Dizzy. Well done on finding these.
"For local people", (3.49), do me a favour! They are all the same, even filmed in exactly the same place in the Palace of Westminster.
If they are available on the internet, anyone can watch them.
Dizzy says does anyone want to bet they will be used in the election. Does anyone want to bet they won't appear in the Return of Expenses.

Damon said...
9 Aug 2007 21:21:00  

Und warum auf Deutsch?

dizzy said...
9 Aug 2007 21:26:00  


Red Tamarin said...
10 Aug 2007 10:21:00  

The 'leaked on to the internet' and 'for use in future PPBs' descriptions are a bit off the mark.

They were filmed by the PLP Resource Centre, and were put up by them for MPs to use on their websites.

Perhaps you should see how many of the MPs actually liked the videos enough to use them on their websites.

dizzy said...
10 Aug 2007 10:31:00  

I;ve had a quick look. Not many of them it seems, or they've hidden them deep inside.

dizzy said...
10 Aug 2007 15:40:00  

Also this site is just a place where I write what I'm thinking.

Hughes Views said...
10 Aug 2007 17:41:00  

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