Saturday, March 08, 2008

Replacing beer and sandwichs with coffee and biscuits?

There once as a time when you can guarantee that the good old fashioned socialist working class politicos would have beer and sandwiches when they had something to discuss. I'm not sure what they would have in the sandwiches mind you, cucumber perhaps? Beer and sandwiches was of course kicked out of the door when Prescott said "we're all middle class now" and New Labour appeared.

Now it appears to have been replaced, according to Margaret Hodge at least, by coffee and biscuits. Apparently she said that the solution to making white working class people not feel shelved out by the complete failure of multiculturalism is for them to go to her office and have a biccy with a coffee.

Is there possibly anything quite so patronising as the thought that someone's problems and concerns about their identity and place in a community can be solved with a coffee and a custard cream with Sister Hodge?


Mostly Ordinary said...
8 Mar 2008 08:56:00  

I watched this on Newsnight and to be fair to her she was saying that she invites people to come in a discuss their issues over a cup of coffee and then follows it up. It's her way of 'engaging'.

She didn't come over too well, oddly enough Bob Crowe did, he gave are a right pasting. Shaun Bailey did pretty well, I've seen him a number of times and I hope he gets elected he appears to be smart and articulate.

I'm not sure who the fat jabbering fool in the middle was but all he seemed to do was yell at her and looked like he was just there for comedy value.

Maverick said...
8 Mar 2008 15:29:00  

Hodgepodge is obviously a fruitcake. I wonder if she asks 'would you like your coffee black or white?' probably not... 'with cream?' most likely. 'Would you like a gingerbread person? Oh my! you are a white working class! I'll break all the biscuits so you feel at home'...

Ed said...
8 Mar 2008 20:36:00  

My MP does this too. When I sent her an email rabidly attacking the nationalisation of the Rock, she said I should come and discuss any issues I may have over a cup of tea. I don't pay my MP to entertain me, I pay her to represent me. If she doesn't do that then I won't vote for her.

Anonymous said...
10 Mar 2008 09:58:00  

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