Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Audacity of Complete Crap

Whilst I was away I decided to grab a copy of Barack Obama's "The Audacity of Hope" and see what the guiy was all about. To save you the time and energy I thought I would offer a quick review.

In short, if you want to know what Barack Obama is all about then just read some Blair speeches and interviews from 1994 to 1997. Woolly communitarianism, a need for a "new politics", and need to tackle "cynicism", blah blah blah.

Incidentally, this doesn't mean I am supporting McCain. Frankly I think they're both crap.


Blue Eyes said...
16 Oct 2008 09:41:00  

I agree, they are both awful. I have moved from being slightly less sickened by McCain to being slightly less worried by Obama. I think Obama will walk it but America will regret it.

Letters From A Tory said...
16 Oct 2008 09:43:00  

But Obama is the lesser of two craps.

dizzy said...
16 Oct 2008 09:44:00  

Bollocks, they are both equally crap. One is nearly dead whilst beneath the other lies a socialist

Windsor Tripehound said...
16 Oct 2008 09:49:00  


I was in the States for a couple of weeks and watched the vice-presidential and presidential debates on TV (it was that or the weather channel) and I have to agree with you - they were all awful.

To quote the great Dr Johnson: "Sir, there is no settling the point of precedency between a louse and a flea"

Bob Piper said...
16 Oct 2008 10:01:00  

"In short, if you want to know what Barack Obama is all about then just read some Blair speeches and interviews from 1994 to 1997."

So, that's Obama and Cameron then.

dizzy said...
16 Oct 2008 10:12:00  

For once Bob you're right (to an extent). The woolly fluffy stuff part basically.

Richard Holloway said...
16 Oct 2008 10:25:00  

Maybe we're now seeing the 'great men' dissappearing, as we're all told that we must be alike, we must pander to the lowest voter etc...

Was Ayn Rand right? I've only just got round to reading Atlas Shrugged. Why oh why wasn't I introduced to this book years ago as required reading? Oh, that'll be the liberal 'progressive' teaching establishment.

I do feel sorry for America, they have to choose between a second Blair and a negative cynical conservative (with an idiot for VP)...

I'm very glad I don't have to vote.

zeno said...
16 Oct 2008 10:38:00  

As Kissinger said (of Iran vs. Iraq): "It's a pity they can't both lose."

Dave said...
16 Oct 2008 13:34:00  

I'm on page 750 of Atlas Shrugged. Watching the news is like seeing the book enacted before your eyes.

Two thoughts. 1. When did the book become a teaching manual for these eejits? 2. She wrote the book over 50 years ago. How prescient is that?

Sam Duncan said...
16 Oct 2008 15:18:00  

Can't say I'm surprised. I had him down as a Yank Blair months ago. Actually, the more I see of him, the more he seems like Blair and Brown rolled into one, God help them.

I've been watching US presidential debates for 20 years, and this lot is easily the worst. Obama can lie like a champ (Blair again), McCain has been painful, and both of them have been using the Brown trick of ignoring the question and droning out a pre-prepared speech. Awful.

Richard: Yes, Rand nailed it. I can't say I found Atlas a good read (I couldn't put the less-well-thought-of Anthem down, by the way), but it has those political operators and their corrupt "business" chums to a "T". Having said that, I'm not sure I agree 100% with her whole Objectivism philosophy thing, but the general thrust of the book is spot-on. I think if there's one thing to be learnt from it (and it's the part those who rubbish her completely ignore, oddly enough) it's that the world is not a case of "business good; politics bad" (or vice-versa if you're that way inclined); some of the people most dangerous to liberty and prosperity are the "political businessmen".

Croydonian said...
16 Oct 2008 16:00:00  

Jesus, there must be a meme floating around. I have just bought 'Atlas', having read all the others back in the 80s. Fact.

David said...
16 Oct 2008 20:22:00  

Four words:

Sarah Palin

McCain heart attack.

scott redding said...
17 Oct 2008 12:45:00  

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