Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Polly Toynbee says Tory blogs all funded by Tories?

Have just been watching Sky News, and, besides them showing a screenshot of this blog which was taken just at the moment when the top post had a typo in the title (typical of me really), Polly Toynbee has just been saying that the Tory blogs are all funded by the Tories and awash with money.

Polly, I'm not paid to do this. I'm paid to work elsewhere (not in politics) and this blog gets done in between that. No one is funding me, I'm skint. I have an overdraft, a huge credit card bill, and am facing possible negative equity very shortly as the house prices collapse.

Unlike you, I was not born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I'm not of aristocratic blood. I didn't go to a private school. I didn't live in a giant house. I don't own property at home and abroad. Stop making bloody assumptions.


Anonymous said...
19 Nov 2008 13:04:00  

Hi whats the back ground to the breaking news that Malcolm Powers tried to get an injunction against Guido following revelations that he was mixed up in a slander campaign when a councillor in Berkshire?

scotch said...
19 Nov 2008 13:31:00  

Firstly, Phil, are you not a wee bit gratified that you got your blog on SkyNews? Again?

And as you don't work in politics, what would your objective opinion be when Miranda Richardson, 'Web Producer', talks about "early reaction from all of the blogs" and then only cites, in this order, Staines, Dale, You and CH?

Oh yeh, and you've got another typo. But I don't want to make assumptions.

T England said...
19 Nov 2008 13:36:00  

And what a great example of an unfunded blogger you are.

More power to ya ;o)

dizzy said...
19 Nov 2008 13:37:00  

Of course I'm gratified, I just thought it funny that was all. You know what is really annoying, Firefox auto red underlining seems to think that "I;m" is not an incorrect spelling.

Jon Worth said...
19 Nov 2008 13:38:00  

Funded or not, what rightly annoys Toynbee is that the right is a lot better at blogging in the UK than the left. If Labour could manage to find some half decent writers and tech people then things might start to change.

And I say that as a Labour member...

dizzy said...
19 Nov 2008 13:38:00  

Oh yes, regarding objective view, I'm not sure really. They don't have much time and perhaps others had not done a post yet?

dizzy said...
19 Nov 2008 13:41:00  

Very true Jon. I think the real problem is that the Left, and I don;t mean this disrespectfully, as a tendency toward long winded writing like it's some sort of essay. They also have a tendency to lack opinionated stuff as well perhaps?

I don't doubt however that things would change if the power in Government was reversed. I bet the left wing blogs in the US fade slowly as the years of Obama go on whilst the right rises again.

Half The Story said...
19 Nov 2008 13:41:00  

Dizzy - no comment on Toynbee is allowed under "internet rules" without it being accompanied by the youtube of her getting monstered on Sky News by Richard Littlejohn.

Go on, you know it makes sense.

scotch said...
19 Nov 2008 13:42:00  

The important and ludicrous bit was "all of the blogs".

I get the firefox thing though.

Deep Throat said...
19 Nov 2008 13:50:00  

I, like Polly, am indeed awash with money and think nothing of flying over to America for three months a year spending my right-wing dosh earned by making an odd comment or three on blogs such as this one.

Every mention of our Prime Mentalist and our cretinous and inept Government adds squillions to my off-shore accounts.

Dizzy, catch up with me sometime at Vegas, we can take it in turns punting a million or two on red.

Lola said...
19 Nov 2008 14:20:00  

You should know by now that all these labour luvvies are liars.

Anonymous said...
19 Nov 2008 14:31:00  

Admit it Dizzy - it's all just a front. You actually sit around on a pile of gold bars all day and then go for a swim in your big pile of money.

splodge said...
19 Nov 2008 14:38:00  

Which is why I read your blog! You keep it real and have a sense of humour.

Rob Atkins said...
19 Nov 2008 14:44:00  

What's the matter Polly, too much competion for your Labour apologist, smug, self-righteous, pompous drivel ? This is a free world - write stuff worth reading and they will come ...

Anonymous said...
19 Nov 2008 14:50:00  

So you don't deny being a Tory blog then!

dizzy said...
19 Nov 2008 15:04:00  

Have I ever?

Andrew Ian Dodge said...
19 Nov 2008 16:10:00  

Guess she missed it when the Conservative Party de-linked alot of Tory leaning blogs?

mother's little helper said...
19 Nov 2008 16:39:00  

Happy to buy you a pint or two for all the entertainment you provide, as long as you promise not to get too "awash".

canvas said...
19 Nov 2008 16:41:00  

Is it true? Are you really a Tory?! Is this really a Tory blog?! oh nooooooo... say it ain't so Dizzy! Say it ain't so.

PS> Inverted snobbery is just as bad...


word verification is ytori - I swear.

Gareth said...
19 Nov 2008 18:29:00  

In the red corner you have left-leaning media bobbleheads and columnists who get paid to try and tell us what to think and do. In the blue corner you have a prolific cabal of conservative (with a small c) bloggers who by and large go unfunded and simply tell readers what they (the blogger) think. It is an authoritarian v libertarian struggle.

One spouts opinion for money. The other spouts it for next to nothing. People like Polly only seem to have an opinion when they can get paid for it.

They don't like it up 'em. Not only have they lost the argument* they're being undercut on price.

* Why else resort to such slurs.

Obnoxio The Clown said...
19 Nov 2008 18:45:00  

Polly Toynbee has just been saying that the Tory blogs are all funded by the Tories and awash with money.

How very Labourish of her: chucking money at something is the Labour way of making things better, so if something is better it must be because someone is chucking money at it.

Never mind that chucking money at something almost never makes it better ...

Anonymous said...
19 Nov 2008 19:41:00  

Get Toynbee into the "Get Me Out of Ere",Australian Jungle and let the Crocs loose.
And do us all a favour please.

Conand said...
19 Nov 2008 23:39:00  

Well said Obnoxio. It does betray their thinking.

Suffice it to say that I was Dizzy's secret Tory backer all along. Damn! The Toynbee has found us out!! Sorry Dizzy old chap, I'm afraid our evil arrangement will now have to draw to a close.

Mike Law said...
20 Nov 2008 00:01:00  

Was a Labour Member for nearly 30 years; became a Labour councillor and after 3 years of banging my head against the proverbial brick wall crossed the floor to the Conservatives (still an active member).

My experience is that the "right wing" blogs are the only forum for decent political discourse.

Niccolo Machiavelli said...
20 Nov 2008 00:05:00  

Not to worry Dizzy, if all else fails you can always sell up, take a loss, and move lock and stock to your villa in Tuscany.

Oh, hang on, that's Polly's isn't it?

I once heard it said that at the time Toynbee was born, the placenta came out first, and thus the midwife ended up throwing away the wrong bit.

Word ver.: exess. ha.

Anonymous said...
20 Nov 2008 00:35:00  

The silver spoon isn't in her mouth.

Jabba the Cat said...
20 Nov 2008 03:18:00  

@ Half The Story 13:41

"Dizzy - no comment on Toynbee is allowed under "internet rules" without it being accompanied by the youtube of her getting monstered on Sky News by Richard Littlejohn."

Tehe, Jabba is pleased that his video posting contribution is appreciated.

jane said...
20 Nov 2008 07:31:00  

re: the career of Malcolm Powers, since someone here seems to be interested: he went to Reading University, studied meteorology and on graduating went to work for Berkshire County Council in their Grants and Awards section (remember those?), then he went to work for Jane Griffiths MP (me) from January 1998 until late 1999. Through this time he was a Labour councillor for Battle ward in west Reading (Reading West constituency) - then he worked for the Labour Party South-East Region in Reading, where he is currently Regional Director. He is married to Kathryn Peak, who herself was a Labour councillor in Reading and who is now I believe a police officer in Bracknell. They have one child, last time I looked. The South-East Labour Party was engaged in some VERY dirty tricks from 2002-4 and Mr Powers was implicated. Others will know more about his activities as a councillor - but Reading Labour Party plays very dirty indeed.

Matthew Dear said...
20 Nov 2008 09:43:00  

Hear, hear Dizzy. Are you me in disguise?!

Anonymous said...
20 Nov 2008 10:15:00  

eh? is this a tory blog? doh!

G Eagle Esq said...
20 Nov 2008 11:46:00  

"... Polly, I'm not paid to do this ..."

and more's the pity for all the incisive information you continually & continuously afford to an appreciative public

AND Keep up the Good Work

I don't think of you as a "Tory Blogge"

.... rather as a Blogge dedicated to honesty and truth

J said...
20 Nov 2008 14:51:00  

Hmm, I might be good for a tenner if there was an obvious way to supply it to you.

I really am grateful for the sharing of your knowledge, insights and opinions.

Anonymous said...
20 Nov 2008 18:23:00  

Malcolm Powers has a degree in Geology.

Anonymous said...
21 Nov 2008 10:38:00  

I thought it was law.

Anonymous said...
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