Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nick Brown gives General Election date away?

Someone, in this case the Labour Chief Whip and close friend and ally of Gordon Brown, doesn't understand how Twitter works.

Political Fail of the Century!
Great spot by ToryBear

UPDATE: The Twitter account has just been deleted.

UPDATE II: General thinking is that this account was fake. However, there has been a line put out that the Austin mitchell account is fake too, but it isn't, it's very real.


Piers said...
20 May 2009 11:59:00  

Looks like he's deleted his twitter account now

James Burdett said...
20 May 2009 12:00:00  

Nick Brown's twitter has gone now. Curious!

Elby The Beserk said...
20 May 2009 12:01:00  

Twatter, more like...

Rob said...
20 May 2009 12:38:00  

Oh PLEASE let this be true!

Anonymous said...
20 May 2009 13:54:00  

It's official Dale libelled Watson in his Daily Mail article - did Dizzy repeat the libel??

dizzy said...
20 May 2009 14:13:00  

Why don't you go and read the archive?? It's worth noting though that I've not even read the original article, so it would be difficult for me to repeat it.

Not a sheep said...
20 May 2009 14:55:00  

Labour MPs and technology don't really mix well do they...

Anonymous said...
20 May 2009 15:42:00  

'Sheep, what possibly could you mean??

Given just a few billion pounds I'm sure the government could get someone to tell them how to use (twitter) IT...

Anonymous said...
20 May 2009 16:29:00  

I think you'll find Dizzy that Mr Justice Eady has indeed read the archive. And that's why your pal is in the predicament that he is.

dizzy said...
20 May 2009 16:35:00  

Really, and what did he find in my archive? Seeing as that was what I was referring to given the question was raised, rather hysterically, "did Dizzy repeat the libel??".

Anonymous said...
20 May 2009 16:58:00  

If Nick Brown just joined twitter today, how did torybear become one of his first friends?

Why was one of his first tweets to another fake Labour MP twitter account which has only existed for 3 weeks?

How did he manage to tweet "from the web" when he was in the Commons chamber?

Torybear has some explaining to do.

dizzy said...
20 May 2009 17:19:00  

Err you dont have to be a friend to see a tweet, and the account was publishing to Tweet4Labour.

Ed the Shred said...
20 May 2009 22:40:00  

Hmm, I wonder if Nick Brown will be playing one of those double bluff games. You know, open a twit (oops tweet) account, realise his mistake (thanks ToryBear), close it down pronto and deny it was him in the first place, saying something about imposters etc.

So a General Election a few weeks after the new speaker is elected huh? That would place us near the end of July. No, Brown would not dare doing it during the school holidays.

I'm going to stick my neck out and call it for Thursday 10 September as my number 1, and 17 Sept as my runner up.

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